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Parent's Night

Kanawha and Lincoln Counties

On Saturday, October 26, the parents night for the Kanawha and Lincoln County was held at the ATC building of BridgeValley Community and Technical College. Around 50 people were in attendance. The speakers included Dean of West Virginia State University Dr. Naveed Zaman; Lesley Rosier-Tabor, P.E., the Executive Director of the West Virginia State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers; Tammy Kassic, robotics instructor at South Charleston High School; and Mildra Benye, an engineering student at WVU Tech.

Going over events at parent's night Parent's night participants

Fayette County

On Wednesday October 23 the parents night for the Fayette County was held at Oak Hill High school. Around 25 people were in attendance. The main speaker was Jamie L. Szewczyk, who is an Assistant Manager for the Drivetrain Transmission plant at Toyota Motor Manufacturing WV in Buffalo. She is the chair for the Young Professionals group at TMMWV. Other speakers included WVU Tech engineering student, Mildra Benye, and Tommi Kenneda, a computer science student at WVU Tech.

Speaking to the Class Kids in Attendance