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Tommi Kenneda  Tommi

My name is Tommi Kenneda and I am a sophomore studying computer science at WVU Tech. I graduated from Westside High School locates in Wyoming county. I enjoy volunteering, playing sports and watching professional esports matches.  

Isabel Barrio Isabel

My name is Isabel Barrio and I am from Madrid, Spain. I am a mathematics and computer science student at WVU Tech. I am also a part of WVU Tech’s Women’s Basketball team. I like science and I also like spending time outdoors and playing sports.

Katherine Katherine

My name is Katherine and I am currently a sophomore in the computer science major. I graduated from Fayetteville High School and attended a Governor School in Virginia for math and science up until my senior year. I enjoy drawing, whether it be digital or traditional, programming and playing games.

Shanettine Shanettine

My name is Shanettine. I am a sophomore majoring in psychology. I am from Gary, Indiana and I graduated from Morton High School. I enjoy shopping, playing basketball, reading and coding.

 Mildra Headshot Mildra

My name is Mildra Beyene and I’m from Ethiopia. I am currently a senior studying Civil Engineering at WVU Tech. I am also a Resident Assistant at Tech. I like playing different kinds of sports and I enjoy outdoor activities.

 Beatriz Headshot Beatriz

My name is Beatriz and I am from Brazil. I used to study Mechatronics Engineering back in Brazil but now I am a Computer Science major. I am a sophomore and I am a part of the WVU Tech women’s soccer team. I love soccer, I love learning new things, spending time outdoors, and playing video games.