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Computer Science For All

We began our journey with the CS For All project in the Summer of 2013. For this project our
partners include state level (WVDE), global industry (Google Inc.), nationwide non-profits (4H),
all with the same goal “Computer Science for everyone at our state of West Virginia.

Ongoing Projects

Featured Project: SUCCESS

SUCCESS: Secure and Upgrade Computer Science in Classrooms through an Ecosystem with
Scalability & Sustainability

For our most recent project, SUCCESS, we will build an ecosystem to increase access to
Computer Science (CS) and participation of underrepresented West Virginia (WV) middle
school students in CS. SUCCESS is partnership between West Virginia University Center for
Excellence in STEM Education (CE-STEM), (Code WV, in CE-STEM, is their WV
Regional partner), the WV Department of Education (WVDE), and the Raleigh County School
District to increase CS access by addressing the objectives identified as crucial by practitioners.
The goals of this project are to increase: 1) teacher CS content knowledge, 2) principal and
counselor understanding of how to support teachers to ensure all students have CS access, and 3)
the awareness of CS careers for students, teachers, counselors and principals. The design
research partnership approach provides for iteration and improvement of the PD model and other
activities based on research, including data and input from SUCCESS partners and the ability to
increase the number of educators that the project can serve. SUCCESS will adapt a high-quality
existing CS curriculum and PD program to increase awareness of CS in the 16 Career Clusters
established by WVBoE, satisfying two state course requirements. A video library supporting the
career clusters will be created and all materials made available to all teachers in WV. Other CS
training content identified as needed by partners will be created and delivered through the
WVDE online system for use. 

SUCCESS project is sponsored by National Science Foundation.

Working with Google

Group of Students working together
Google has been sponsoring us to promote the high school Computer Science education in West
Virginia. We started with a very small group of high school teachers in 2013. So far, more than
100 West Virginia k12 teachers have completed our online training on Computer Science. In
December 2017, Google celebrated their 10 year global impact in Computer Science education.
Our success story of promoting Computer Science education in rural West Virginia was
showcased in the celebration.

Previous Projects

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