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What We Do

What is the STEM Workforce Pipeline?

During the past five years, our group have dedicated our time and efforts to developing a STEM workforce pipeline in West Virginia.  Our efforts were largely motivated by two facts.

First Fact: Many companies in West Virginia have difficulty building workforce from local pool in STEM disciplines.

Second Fact: Meanwhile as the second fact, many K-12 students and teachers are not aware about many STEM jobs which are available in the state.

We believe it is necessary to construct a workforce pipeline in order to support West Virginia’s future in STEM innovation. 

3 images to show progression from interested in subject, learning about subject, and then putting knowledge to work in the workforce

A simplified figure of our proposed pipeline between K12, Higher Ed and industry.

As shown in the diagram below, we aim to connect K-12, higher education, and industry such that the education system supplies the STEM workforce for the industry’s needs.

Chart showing how K-12 schools, Universities, and Industry are all linked

To this end, we have been working actively during the past few years. Our work can be categorized in three broad projects. Though they are standalone projects, they are integrated through a common theme, “STEM education,” as depicted by the following graph.